‘Paint Your Sole’ with Nidhi Inani

1462986_599494206752817_1725743287_n-001I believe in being strongest at the weakest – Nidhi Inani

An apt name for the passion that Nidhi Inani feels for her work, ‘Paint Your Sole’ has a truly inspiring tale to tell. A graduate from Jawaharlal Architecture and Fine Arts University- Hyderabad, Nidhi went on to study Ceramics and Glass Design from the renowned National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Having unable to complete the course due to personal reasons, she decided to take destiny into her own hands – by painting shoes.

Being an innate artist since childhood, her mother was her steadfast believer. After a coincidental stint with her brother’s canvas shoes, Nidhi knew that colours were her true calling. She started painting on whatever shoes she could lay her hands on, created a Facebook page and Voila! There it was! People loved her designs and creations. It slowly developed into a successful venture with happy customers from all over the world.

Here’s a sneak peek from a rendezvous with Nidhi about Paint Your Sole.1146722_622779391089687_876297797_n

YFS: Tell us a little more about ‘Paint your Sole.’

Nidhi: It’s basically wearable art; art on the move. The idea is to have the art move around for people to see, feel and enjoy it instead of being showcased somewhere.

YFS: So from where do you get your inspiration?

Nidhi: I find my inspiration from everyday things, my immediate environment and my fantasies.

YFS: How did your start-up journey begin? How about your family support or any co-founder?

Nidhi: I started on my own, by investing money that I had earned by selling a couple of paintings I had made before. I am the only artist and the founder of ‘Paint Your Sole.’ My mother has been my emotional supporter though.


Sole on fire – Best paint pair in 2013

YFS: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman entrepreneur?

Nidhi: Well, I have not come across any disadvantages so far. It has been an amazing journey. Advantage is that I get a medium to express myself, make my art travel across the country from my bedroom cum studio. I also have a lot of people appreciate the hard work behind it.

YFS: Where do you see ‘Paint Your Sole’ in next 5 years?

Nidhi: I really don’t know. I haven’t seen so far ahead yet. Right now it is learning and a growing stage for me.

YFS: What is the biggest risk you have taken?


Paint Your Sole’s product at Hoozinc store, Hyderabad

Nidhi: The biggest risk I have taken so far is opting for the profession I am in. To follow what I loved against all odds.

YFS: What advice would you offer to young entrepreneurs out there who are just beginning to venture out?

Nidhi: I’d suggest that they have a lot of patience and to aim at giving the best service. Be genuine. If you work with passion and sincerity, money would follow automatically; you don’t have to chase it.

66108_612607708773522_541959719_nYFS: On a final note, what is your mantra for success?

Nidhi: My mantra for success is never to back down. I believe in being strongest at the weakest.

To stay tune with ‘paint your sole’, visit facebook.com/paintyoursole


Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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