Shobitha Kedlaya – An inspiring saga

An entrepreneur in mind and a designer by heart, Shobitha Kedlaya, a graduate in Textile from Mumbai opened ‘Inspira’, a clothing boutique with her cousin Smitha Rao back in 2008. Initially started with in creating kids apparel and then slowly moving in to the women clothing, she has come a long way. Believing in imparting individuality in all her products, she embarked on this journey that has given her recognition and a very happy customer base.

Your Fashion Story spoke to Shobitha about her initial glitches on this road to success, her future plans for ‘Inspira’ and what makes it unique.


YFS: ‘Inspira’ is a very unique and an inspiring name. Tell us why you chose this particular name.

Shobitha: You cannot create something new, whatever you create is already there, so basically you take inspiration and just reshape, remold and recreate it. So everything depends on how you inspire. Hence, the name ‘Inspira’ came into being.

Tell us something about “Inspira”. What does “Inspira” offer to its customers?

Shobitha: Inspira is a blend of contemporary style merged with our love for colours, cuts and fabrics. Our main focus is giving our customers what exactly they have in their mind for their special occasions.

YFS: So what were the major challenges that you faced when you started on this incredible journey?

Shobitha: Well, one of the major challenges that we faced was the approval from government sales tax offices, the high store rents and being an investment based company, we had real tough time. It took us a lot of patience and time before we could open the full-fledged boutique.

YFS: What are your future plans for ‘Inspira’?387317_10151392604761519_1843993367_n

Shobitha:  As you know future is so unpredictable. But right now, we are looking at opening franchises and growing into an ethical company where employees and company grow together. We also want to slowly look moving into eco-friendly products and go green. Another plan is to get into local styles from various parts of India and showcase it in our products and boutique. Reduction in supply chain is another option we want to explore, so that we know from where exactly the raw materials of our products come from. We have had our products showcased on Fashion and You and may look at other online sites too in future.

14657_190437386518_7925732_nYFS: What is your mantra for success?

Shobitha: It is very simple. Enjoy what you are doing. I would suggest youngsters to do the same. If you are passionate about something, go for it. It will make you happier and successful instead running behind an arbitrary idea of success.

YFS: Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?164964_10151434931991519_1298182144_n

Shobitha:  I believe that each individual is unique. Comparison with others isn’t the way to go ahead. Each of us is capable of doing so much. So just do what inspires you from within.

YFS: On a parting note, what is that one quote that has always inspired you?

Shobitha: Be yourself. Rest will follow.

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Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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