Bryan – The Fashionable Techie


Bryan Seiw

Based in Malaysia but of Chinese origin, Bryan holds a degree in Computer Science. From being a hardcore techie to an imaginative & inspirational fashion designer, Bryan always knew he’s do something creative with his life. Simplistic in his own styling, his passion and main focus is to style other people. Taking inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel’s undying spirit, he believes in living life to the fullest, and his own too in designing and creating trending designs.

Your Fashion Story had a chance to talk to him about his journey so far. Here is an extract from it –

YFS: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what’s your educational background?

Bryan: I’m Chinese, born in the 80’s, and I’m basically from Malaysia. I am a first class degree holder in Computer Science, and I also have a Diploma in Fashion Design.

YFS: What did you want to be as a child?

Bryan: As a kid, I’d always wanted to be a painter; I love drawing and being creative.

YFS: Having a degree in Computer Science, did you work in that field? If yes, how was the experience?

Bryan: I have worked as a software engineer for about 5 years. That career was very challenging yet highly promising. I was pretty good at it, and I enjoyed working as an engineer.

YFS: When did you realize that you wanted to be a Fashion Designer? How did your journey begin?601278_296400863815647_1099815270_n

Bryan: I dreamed about becoming a Fashion Designer when I was in high school; that is when I became obsessive in fashion sketching. However, I stepped into the IT world instead of fashion, only to get a sustainable career, just like what my family expected me to do. I thought I could live with the hidden dream for the rest of my life, but apparently I couldn’t. The urge to make a change was too overwhelming. Eventually I decided to quit my job, enrolled into a fashion school, and start pursuing my dream.

YFS: How did you family react to you leaving engineering and starting fashion designing? Did they support you?

Bryan: My family and friends were shocked, especially those who were not aware of my aspiration. But they all came through and became highly supportive after I had opened up about my real passion and life goal.

YFS:Do you have any regrets so far?


Designed by Bryan

Bryan: I wish I had the guts to pursue my dream in my younger age. However I’ve never regretted working in the IT field; I’ve gained various skills and met a lot of people throughout the years.

YFS: Where are you working currently & what are your roles and responsibility there?

Bryan: I have a day job working as a designer cum graphic designer, under a local fashion designer house here in Malaysia. I am in charge of the uniforms and event apparels design, as well as premium gifts, goodies and packaging design for corporates from many different sectors. I also assist in the graphical work in the designer’s collection, such as creating the fabric motifs, computerizing design concepts, and the preparing promotional materials.


Based on theme of Apocalypse

YFS: What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

Bryan: There was a time where I was picked as an exclusive designer to showcase in a private event, which was attended by many influential and powerful people.

YFS: What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

Bryan: The brainstorming part, where ideas just flowing around and mixing together. It’s very exciting and I often get carried away.

 YFS: Any other experience in fashion industry?

Bryan: Working as a dresser in several fashion shows. It allows me to witness the true chaos in the backstage environment.


IFTC Fashion Show 2012

YFS:Who is your role model or your favorite designer?

Bryan: Gabrielle Chanel is my long time idol. Despite being in the difficult times, she managed to push through and created a fashion revolution. She even re-built her fashion empire at the age of 70! I love her style, but I love her spirit more.

YFS:What do you enjoy most while designing?

I enjoy the most when I’m totally drowning in the mood of a particular inspiration, because once I’m in the mood, designing became natural, fun and easy.

YFS: What is that one unique thing about you and how do you define your own style?

Bryan: People would definitely look at me as a nerd, because I always wear the same simple stuff, usually polo and jeans, in very dull colors. I love to dress other people, but not myself.


Another creation of Bryan

YFS:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bryan: I would want to set-up my own workshop, be able to consistently create 2 seasonal collections every year, and venture into the international fashion market.

YFS: What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

Bryan: “You only live once, so live it to the fullest”, – unknown

YFS:What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines, or books?

Bryan: I love browsing the fashion e-commerce websites, such as,, and I love to see fashion in the real business world.

YFS: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

1380077_413794978742901_413090591_nBryan: I have my personal online space at and However I will be moving to a new website soon. All the updates will be posted in these pages.

YFS: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Bryan: Fashion industry is a highly competitive world. Besides passion, talent and hard work, one needs to have strong perseverance.

Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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