Kili – The Colours of Life

“Everything you can imagine is real.” –  Pablo Picasso


Deepika Nanjappa

Imagination is at its height at the studio of Kili in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Deepika, the artist and owner is a passionate entrepreneur who artistically blends real life elements in her designs. Be it furniture, bottle or a wall, she has a design and colour to make it look beautifully out of this world. One of its kinds, Kili is an upcoming kitsch brand of India. Starting on her own, Deepika has paved a truly colourful path for herself and Kili. A major in sculpting from the famous Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore, she is a living example of how creativity and daily life elements can be implemented in mundane usually dull products. Prepping up your routine home décor items, she is an inspiration for all those young entrepreneur enthusiasts.

Your Fashion Story connects with Deepika to know about her journey from Kili’s conception to it becoming a popular Indian Kitsch brand.

YFS: Tell us something about Kili.

Deepika: Kili is an Indian kitsch brand specializing in hand painted home décor items. We cater in revamping furniture, bottles, and trays, everything that you see in a household. We started 3 years ago and currently have a range of around 80 products.



YFS: What is the inspiration behind the colourful brand Kili? When did you start operations at Kili?

Deepika: I was an Arts student and went on to major in sculpture but painting was always my thing. When I was sculptor, I would 1398111_604077036297614_1533364555_omake models of auto rickshaws, lorry and other real time elements. A lot of things inspire me that I see every day in my daily life. So, I came up with this brand that is a synonym of colourful routine life.

I started Kili alone, at the end of 2011. My family supported me and now I have my team and husband who are always there for me.

YFS: What difficulties did you face initially when starting Kili? And how did you deal with them?

IMG_2952Deepika: It was a new thing that I was trying my hand at. The initial response wasn’t very good. But as we made more designs, more products and as people became aware about the brand and what we do, it was encouraging. We then started to keep our products at different stores for trial so that more and more people could know about it. After that the response was good. Now we have our products in 10 stores spread all over India.

YFS: What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Deepika: Well, we have reached more than 3500 fans on Facebook. We also have our products showcased on over 10 stores all over India. Also, we were featured by India Today and Mercedes Benz magazine 2 years ago. These press reports helped us get coverage and encouraged us to keep going on.

Where do you take inspiration from for your designs?

Deepika: I have always been inspired by the things that I see around me. Auto rickshaws always inspire me.  All my work, everything is based on that. 8 years now and it still inspires me. It’s appeal, the colours and everything else about it. I am also fascinated by old Indian classic items like the gramophone and the like. I try to implement these in my designs.

YFS: What is Kili’s future plan?  What about online or stores?

Deepika: Well, we are currently building an online store. In future, we plan to have a whole fledged store of our own too.  From painting, we are now also doing printing. We have 2 ranges now. Same designs that are painted are also printed and are used for home décor furniture. Right now, we take order from our Facebook page and ship it.

YFS: Any message for people who want inspiration to start something new?

Deepika: Just start with the idea. Sometimes it does click. Just do it.

To know more about Kili or buy something, or to customize order,  please visit

The Orange Bicycle in indiranagar                                                                                                     #3353, 5th Cross, 12th A Main,                                                                                                          HAL II Stage,Indiranagar Bangalore

Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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