Shirin Sherkat and ‘Her Little Craft World’


Shirin Sherkat

She has a unique and wide range of lively and unique cold porcelain jewelry and accessories for everyday wear or special occasions. Everything you see in her shop is crafted personally by herself, so providing a very wide varieties of customization possible. Her portfolio consists of Dainty, Minimal Handcrafted Jewelry, Unique necklaces, Delicate Bracelets, Wedding Jewelry & Hair Accessories, Gift tags.

Shirin Sherkat, founder of Ameretat Crafts, born and brought up in Iran and got married in Bengaluru.We talked about ‘her little craft world’ in this interview with YourFashionStories.

YFS: Please let us know something about your childhood, your career dream as a child?

Shirin: From childhood I was not interested in studying but doing all my craft assignments without fail. My career dream was to be in a field where I could serve people and make them happy, I still have same dream, so through my craft I can achieve that a little bit.


YFS:  What was the inspiration behind designing these beautiful things?

Shirin: I always wanted to make something, fix something, design, and new ideas. I believe that most of things you need in life you can build by yourself. J So I always was busy in making things, knitting clothes, etc. So, when I grew and had got a chance to use my ideas and crafts that I learnt, I started my own jewellery and accessories business Ameretat Crafts.

1622223_275179652644883_488696435_nYFS:  When and how did you start Ameretat?

Shirin: The thing I am doing is a new business. It is now about 2.5 years that I am in to making crafts, at first I started with my friend, as named “Craft Café” we worked together almost 8 months, got separated with some reason and then I started my own shop.

 YFS:  What is the story behind this name?

Shirin: I always wanted to give my business a pure Persian name. So I came up with “Ameretat” It’s a female entity which means Immortal.

1495459_267337940095721_1423384208_nYFS:   How was the initial response from customer?

Shirin: I always see mixed feeling and responses from the customers, those who love craft or jewellery and accessories are always kind towards me. They loved my work and for some, it is just a crafters, handmade item.

YFS:   What kind of raw material you use to?1891062_275739119255603_942575056_n

Shirin: I mostly work with cold porcelain which is a homemade clay, and I also like to work with different stones, beads and wires.

YFS:   How much time it takes to make one piece of your art work?

Shirin: Depends on what I am making. Sometimes takes around a half an hour or sometimes takes 1 or 2 days to finish one piece. How much the piece is smaller needs more attention and detail work?

1536466_264697320359783_1236034094_n (1)YFS:  How many product categories you have? Are you planning to launch new product?

Currently I am having somewhere around 4 categories with their subcategories , which consist of jewellery (Necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelets, rings) , hair accessories( hair pins, hair sticks, French Barrette, hair bands), home decor ( magnets) , Gift tags and decorative tags .

And yes every day I am thinking of a new designs and when it clicks I will create them.

YFS:   Do you accept customized request? If yes how can someone buy?

Shirin: Yes I would like to receive customized orders, my contact details are

They can drop me a mail regarding their order, I will review and get back to them if I am able to create what they want.

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Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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