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Saba Karimi

Saba Karimi, is a passionate marketing enthusiast, an amateur writer and an engineer who founded YNOTU, a platform for fashion designing beginners to showcase their talents and skills to other fashion lovers and industry top notch. Taking inspiration from her fashion designer mother, after spendind 8 long years in corporate career, she started YNOTU to help young fashion designers establish their careers and put forward their creations.

Your Fashion Story has a tete-a-tete with Saba on her journey through YNOTU.

YFS: Tell us something about ‘YNOTU.’


From Shazia’s Bridal Collection at YNOTU

Saba: YNOTU is about creating a fashion experience that is exclusive, elite and one of a kind in the fashion industry. With our large number of labels and designs, we aim at connecting young fashion designers with industry fashion gurus through YNOTU. It is a platform where these young fashionistas can showcase their potential to the fad lovers. We bring together best talent in the industry for the industry.

YFS: Can you throw some light on your background before ‘YNOTU?’

Saba: I’m an IT engineer by degree, but marketing was something that interested me since the beginning. I started working in the digital marketing industry and am still very much part of it. However, being a very big fashion enthusiast, blending of Digital Marketing and Fashion seemed an appropriate move giving birth to YNOTU.

Designer bag by Ebru at YNOTU

YFS: When did you get the first inspiration to become an entrepreneur?

Saba: It was always somewhere at the back of my head to be an entrepreneur but the tipping point was when I met few designers and realized the dearth of opportunities for them to succeed.

YFS: How did your journey begin with ‘YNOTU’ and when did you officially start?

Saba: YNOTU officially started in 2013 with nothing but an idea to somehow promote the young and aspiring fashion designers. There are many portals out there selling designer labels, but we wanted something which focused purely on those hidden gems. We started out with online networking on various social media channels to connect with aspiring designers and inviting them to sign-up with us. Simultaneously, we also met various fashion institutes and partnering with them to get their students and alumni to sign-up with us. Soon, we had an online community of designers from across the world with their best of the collection posted on our site.

Light Brown Creme Backless Long Dress By : Tenzin Tseten Bhutia

YFS: What were the initial difficulties you had to face?

Saba: It was the apprehension of people to buy expensive garments from a new portal.

YFS: Any message for budding fashion entrepreneurs?

Saba: Fashion is a very dynamic industry with trends changing every season. The key is to not follow what everyone is doing and develop your key fashion statement. Innovation is what will bring the best in you.


Story credits – Ankita Bhalani


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