Madamemiao – For the woman of substance

Madamemiao, started by a fashion diva Marcella Molinini in Italy is a brand that every woman would take pride in flaunting. From working in a software company to starting a high-end handmade products brand that is trendy, sophisticated and exclusive is not an easy feat. The woman ‘Madamemiao’ that the brand represents is a brainchild of Marcella, laughs in the face of respectability, is ironic and shameless at the same time, a slap to hypocrisy, which is embodied in the clothes and accessories handcrafted and hand-painted with great care.

Your Fashion Story had an inspiring conversation with Marcella Molinini about Madamemiao


Hand painted T-shirts

YFS: Tell us something about ‘Madamemiao.’ What is the specialty of the brand?

Marcella:Madamemiao was founded in 2009 by Marcella Molinini, fashion designer and artistic photographer formed collaborating for several years in the most important textile and fashion companies.

The brand philosophy revolves around “La giornata di Madamemiao”, a sophisticated woman, unusual and a little retro, identified in the 10 cartoons that describe it.


Designer bags of Madamemiao

YFS: What are the Products ‘Madamemiao’ offers to the customer?

Marcella:Our products are accessories and unique items, hand-painted or created in limited edition by works of art: scarves, t-shirts, dress, hand-bag, laptop bags, iPad and iPhone.

YFS: What inspired you to start ‘Madamemiao’? What were you doing before that?


Hand painted shoes of Madamemaio

Marcella: Madamemiao was born the desire to tell, create expressing a dress or an accessory, my thoughts and feelings.

I have always worked in fashion, as a teen I was a part of clothes and accessories of a brand ‘Couture’.

I have collaborated with several brands of Italian fashion, soprrattutto in the realization of the modeling (I studied modeler and I love to give shape to my ideas).

Then I worked with a software company in the textile / clothing sector, having the opportunity to know all the phases in the design and manufacturing process.

YFS: What were the initial challenges that you faced?DSC_0094_copia copia

Marcella:In the first phase with the brand Madamemiao we have produced clothes and accessories with the technique of crochet, but the process was time consuming and realization costs were very high, resulting in difficulties in selling the product. Already in the first collection, I had developed the idea of ​​the comic strip “the day of Madamemiao”, which later became a line of handbags, accessories and clothing.

YFS: Where are you selling your product apart from Italy?

Marcella:The brand is Madamemiao is distributed in PRC China, HRH Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan, from the TheEpicProject.

We are very interested in expanding overseas market, where the real product made in Italy is viewed with much interest.

We focus especially on clothing and accessories hand painted, our product which has required many years of study of materials and techniques are realized.

YFS:  Who are the other artists in your team, how did you collaborate with them?

Marcella:They are Cleopatra, Arte-mide and T.

Cleopatra is a fashion designer graduated from the Institute of Artistic clothing Marangoni in Milan. She graphically interprets the DSC_0565_copia copiawoman Madamemiao: her clean and linear style allows any material to be turned into a true painting.

A graduate in film history and in history of art, she’s a designer, into graphics, and also a poet. Arte-mide is interweaving spontaneously the philosophy of life of Marcella Molinini with its own. Arte-mide art is born from particular enigmatic experiences whose searing emotional impact can be shared & universalized only through the medium of art that makes visible the soul.

Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera, in Milan, T. interprets Madamemiao bags with his delusions lysergic, with his paintings, in acrylic on canvas, on wood, on any surface would tell something about his mind muddled and hectic.

That’s why Madamemiao collaborates with Cleopatra, Arte-mide and T. in a single synergy of thought, immersing themselves in their works and creating together unique and exclusive accessories.

YFS:   Where can readers find out more about “Madamemiao”…?

Maecella:  They can visit us at

They can also follow us on FB and Twitter for more updates.



Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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