StyleDotMe – An app that every woman wants!


Meghna Saraogi

Confused about what to wear? A mobile app is just what you need! Meghna Saraogi, a stylist by heart, shopaholic by instinct, is the pioneer behind the ultra-modern app – StyleDotme. It is an app that will help you get fashion suggestions from your friends when you are in doubt. All you have to do is upload the image and wait for tour friends to give in their opinions. Meghna wanted to build something that helped people decide and clear their doubts on what to wear, especially when no one is around them to help out. A creative and helpful fashion app, Meghna’s StyleDotme has surely become every woman’s BFF!

Your Fashion Story chats with Meghna Saraogi about her app – StyleDotme.

YFS: Tell us something about StyleDotme. What purpose does it serve?

Meghna: Styledotme is an android mobile app that helps you get instant fashion advice from your friends when you really need it. When you’re confused about what to wear or the right outfit to buy, The Styledotme app allows you to instantly poll your friends and followers and get them to help you by rating your choices. If you need help to make a choice urgently, a timer can be attached to your SOS notification, that will count down to remind friends of your deadline. PLUS you can add image-enhancing filters to your photos and share your posts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can “follow” your friends, favorite celebrities, brands and bloggers.  It is now on Android & soon will be on other platforms too. A live timer that reminds friends and followers of your deadline is our USP. Generally one will get to see posts when they open the app. If someone needs urgent help the timer notifications comes on your phone and you are bound to help your friends in need. The live timer running backward is also interesting because once your time is up you cannot vote on the post so people will be more prompt in replying. com.styledotme.one_5

YFS: Tell us something about you. Your work history before StyleDotme.

Meghna:I am a graphic designer by profession. I did my BFA in Applied Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi and specialization in Visual Communications from Srishti school of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. I have worked with Designosis (formerly Sesh design) for 5 years as a graphic designer and continue to work with them as an independent designer. I am a shopaholic and love to dress up even for office everyday. The idea for this startup came with my personal issues with getting confused everyday with my outfits and looks. I love to travel, an abstract photographer, writes poem when in the right mood, enjoys good food (strictly vegetarian).

YFS: How did you come up with the idea to create an app like this?

Meghna:Styledotme started while I was working with Sesh Design (a design firm in New Delhi) as a graphic designer. I have always been a big shopaholic and enjoy dressing up, and I noticed I would often wish I could ask friends about my daily choice of outfit so that I didn’t have to take ages dressing up! This was the origin of the idea – I felt that if I face such a problem, surely there would be many others out there like me who’d feel the same? I wanted to build something that will make life simpler for people when they had to decide what to buy and how to wear. StyleDotMeInsideArticle1 YFS: When you did officially launch StyleDotme? How much time it took, from getting the idea to making it live?

Meghna: I launched it on 10th January 2014,  it took me almost 1 and half years from the ideation stage to getting the product out.

YFS: What are the major ups and downs in your journey till now?com.styledotme.one_1

Meghna: Being a non-technical person was the biggest drawback. Finding right team with strong technical co -founders was not easy. The whole process took really long but I have happy that I have been able to build a good working team now. Lack of capital to spend on servers, talent and publicity etc is making the whole process a bit slow. I am hoping to try and get the app viral ASAP by marketing it on our own which is a huge challenge. Fortunately I have built a huge network though which I am able to take advice on few crucial decisions, which makes lot of difference.

YFS: Let us know about your Team StyleDotme? 

Aref (1)

Aref Kashani

Meghna:Apart from me, there are 3 core team members with 3 Interns. Aref Kashani – Chief technology officer (CTO) for Styledotme. He has completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from SGSITS,Indore and currently a full-time employee at Microsoft Hyderabad. Aref has a passion for coding and is highly enthusiastic about Technology. As a hobby, he’s also involved in embedded system and making simple, small devices to make life easy.


Amrit Rathi

Amrit Rathi is the back end architect for Styledotme, Bachelors in Computer Engineering from SGSITS, Indore, working at SAP Labs India, Bangalore. Amrit is passionate for various server side technologies and is highly enthusiastic in solving scalability, performance and efficiency issues in such technologies.

Sayed Mannan – Sr. programmer  for Styledotme, Bachelors in Computer Engineering from SGSITS, Indore, working at SAP Labs India, Bangalore.

YFS: What’s your biggest achievement till now?

Meghna:Styledotme on the Google play store and have got very good response not only from the users but also investors have shown interest in our product.

YFS: What are your future plans and current growth?

Styledotme-homeMeghna:We plan to tie up with brands and big malls where the user can tag the brands, place etc, we will also provide instant help to users posting from that particular brand/ place and will get royalty from brands in return. Our service will make the brands more recognized and also create less hassle in the trial rooms. It will also be a matter of prestige to them since they are providing instant help to their customers whenever they need help. We also plan to have in-house stylists and bloggers, which will help, solve customer’s confusion.

YFS: Are you planning to add new features in the app?

Meghna:Yes, many many more. We have already started working on them and we plan to add many more features that will make the whole shopping and choosing experience more and more fun and convenient for the users.


Meghna Saraogi – Her own stylist

YFS: How would you define yourself as a person and your personal style?

Meghna:I am a fun loving person, always ready to try and learn new things. If I start something I will not give up so easily until achieved. When it comes to fashion I am experimental. I would try the new trends  but end of the day I would stick to something that goes well with my body type am I am most comfortable in.

YFS: Any message for followers or fashion buddies? Meghna:The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.


Credits for story writing – Ankita Balani

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