A ride on the Runaway Bicycle with Preeti Verma

Preeti Verma – Creative mind behind Runway Bicycle

Named after her brother’s bike that Preeti Verma used to steal in the afternoons as a kid to go ‘gallivanting’, Runaway Bicycle’s line represents the same free-wheeling spirit. Comfortable and practical, the cotton and khadi silk dresses and blouses in organic colours are made to match all your moods. Said aptly by Preeti herself, “we like pockets to carry pebbles in and to hide muddy hands in” and that what all her dresses stem from. Simplistic and aesthetically is how her look book photo shoots are done too. Keeping external forces minimal, the focus is on the organic beauty of the natural fabric clothing.

Your Fashion Story interviews Preeti about her art-fashion start-up.

YFS: Tell us something about your childhood and early life.

Preeti: I was born in a small Village in northern India, where I grew up. I lived a student life in the Himalayan foothills, studied art in a university in northern India, moved on to the nascent stages of a an advertising art director career in New Delhi before holding anchor in Mumbai. I moved to Singapore for a brief time and then moved back to Mumbai.

YFS: How was your work life with DDB Mudra?

Preeti: Advertising has taught me a lot and has also brought me a lot of joy which still continues at DDB.

YFS: How did the journey begin with starting your own label and clothing line?


Preeti: We always wanted to design and market clothes that we made for our own wardrobe. We also wanted to make clothes that were not based on trends or seasonal fashions. Our designs, colours and fabrics are simple and minimalistic such that they live forever.

YFS: What is the story behind this unique name?

1978662_216745775200918_271056940_nPreeti: Name comes from a habit I had as a child of running away with a Bicycle I had been told to stay away from.

YFS: How is Runway Bicycle different from other brand?

Preeti: We are not trying to compete with anyone or be different exactly. We are most importantly being ourselves which is actually pretty much the brands philosophy.

YFS: What were the major difficulties you found while starting operation?

Preeti: We learnt new lessons everyday which we are still learning.

YFS: What is the philosophy behind covered face model and painted feet?L15

Preeti: To us, feeling good is more important than looking good. Hence, girls with dark hair and hidden faces.  Bare feet are always lot more comfortable and functional than most footwear. YFS: What are the bestsellers dresses of Runway Bicycle? 

Preeti: Mockingbird, Silver Cloud Day dress, Yellow parachute dress, and Anyhoo Darling.

YFS: What are your future plans for Runway Bicycle?

Preeti: As of now it’s a fluid plan. It’s taking shape as we go along, even if it means we might make a wrong turn or two. So, the next few collections will comprise mostly of limited edition designs. The emphasis for now is definitely on quality over quantity.

YFS: How would you define your own style?

Preeti: Simple

YFS: As an inspiration, what you will suggest to our readers?

Preeti: Just do what you love.

To buy Runway Bicycle’s dresses, visit www.runwaybicycle.in  

Stay tune for more updates at www.facebook.com/pages/Runaway-Bicycle/154889314719898

Story credits – Ankita Bhalani

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