The Pink Chair


Komal Sandhu – Designer & Founder of ‘The Pink Chair’

Playing with colours, accentuating a different feel to your loving home, is what Komal Sandhu strives to do with her furniture venture – The Pink Chair. The name itself speaks her idea to whet the customer’s mind with the various colours and patterns that could bring about a change to how the living room can look or how to highlight a boring corner. Inspired by English patterns, floral designs and bold colours, this former advertising professional also loves to mix retro with contemporary. Loaded with experience from her former apparel brand and working with a furniture boutique store in New Zealand. Komal now aims to take The Pink Chair global and design beautiful customized pieces of furniture for homes.

Your Fashion Stories had a chance to talk to Komal Sandhu about her venture and her aspirations for The Pink Chair.

10353642_315090591981281_7780849197965834066_nYFS: Tell us about your brand ‘The Pink Chair.’ What does it specialize in?

Komal: At The Pink Chair, our passion has been to create designer furniture for homes. We are here to help accentuate each corner of the house with beautiful designs and quality products. The Pink Chair excels in bespoke customized sofas – modern and contemporary, vintage wing chairs, queen anne bar chairs, feature/ occasional armchairs, ottomans, quirky chaises/ loveseats, upholstered benches, chest of drawers, upholstered headboards, etc.

YFS: What is the inspiration behind these beautiful creations?

Komal: My short stint as a Furniture consultant in New Zealand made all the difference. I worked with a Furniture Brand – Hunter (a boutique chain of stores across NZ, customizing furniture). In less than a year, I was interested in these pieces and when I came back to the country, I wanted to get new furniture for our house. I didn’t find any store/ boutique / online stores making & selling such furniture. That is when I decided to do my own designs. A beautiful pink chair sitting alone, with a footstool took all my attention and I dreamt of owning it. All English designs using various striking patterns inspired me. I wanted a grey and yellow theme to my living room. This is all where it started and the fabrics and furnishing stores became my playground.

YFS: You had a job with Fashion Apparel Brand before Pink Chair, how was the experience there?10402715_319710871519253_8727181702876358076_n

Komal: I worked with a denim fashion and casual wear brand and that’s where I got interested in fabrics, starting with denim washes, detailing, prints, and trims and while I handled sales for modern trade, I got to work closely with designers to be a part of new range development for modern trade for the brand.

YFS: When was the first time you realized that you wanted to start your own furniture brand? And what was your next step after that?

Komal: In NZ when I worked with such a store. Steps were to decide range, create designs and then to source and finalize a supplier panel where my designs could be manufactured. Then, production of prototypes, finalizing pricing, making a marketing plan and creating awareness through social media, word of mouth etc. had to be done. Now I am looking at establishing distribution for my products through e-commerce and brick & mortar platforms.

10330419_331959473627726_4677350640075625305_nYFS: How did you pick this pretty name?

Komal: I mentioned earlier that adding colour, punch and accent to your living room is where the thought of starting my venture had begun. My inspiration piece was a pretty pink chair which sat next to a grey and yellow surrounding of upholstered seating. The name had to be with some colour and The Pink Chair it was.

YFS: How much time does it take to complete one chair?

Komal: We take approximately two weeks to deliver our finished products. Other than chairs, we do sofas, upholstered seating, benches and foyer units.

YFS: Every chair designed by you, has a theme. What are the themes available in your current collection? What you are planning next?

Komal: Every chair I think of has one theme because the idea is to whet the customer’s mind with the options available and how colours/ patterns could bring about a change to how the living room looks or how to accentuate a boring corner. English patterns interest me a lot. Florals and bold colours catch my fancy. I like mixing retro with modern. The current themes are essentially planned keeping the furnishing used to upholster them with or the design of the chair. For eg. there is Ascot in a very English cottage, blue and white pattern. The flowers remind me of a quaint serene hillside place.

YFS: What are the platforms you are planning to sell on?

Komal: I am present on Facebook, Pinterest and now tying up some online e-commerce portals to start distribution and create visibility.

10389139_314456002044740_8744573565565633991_nYFS: Where do you see The Pink Chair in 5 years?

Komal: I see it as an umbrella brand for furniture home products/ accessories. May be, a showroom and global presence.

YFS: Tell us a quote that has inspired you on your journey with The Pink Chair.

Komal: Believe in yourself. It’s the best way to keep going and doing what your heart and mind give a nod to. A strong gut feel is the starting point of a successful business.

YFS: How can someone buy your products?

Komal: You may have a look at the physical designs and place your custom order through a phone call or email designs. We’ll soon have a website to channelize all orders and deliveries.

Story Credits – Ankita Bhalani

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