About us

Hello There …

Welcome to YourFashionStories !!!

Your Fashion Stories, started by Rupali Gangrade, is an inspiring platform, specially on fashion space -which is singularly poised to bring the most creative and fashionable things of the fashion world under the same platform.
Our motto is inspiring entrepreneurship in Fashion and Art Industry, same time celebrate stories of new or unknown brand and, people who have made and example for others.
Self-funded, self-motivated
We started YourFashionStories as a project to give a platform to share stories, journeys and paths of various inspired personal in fashion industry. We are a self funded and self motivated platform showcasing several pioneers in the field of design related entrepreneurship, stories of fashion designers, life of photographers and artists in this field.
Our focus is on this particular industry because we are an integral part of this ecosystem and we understand and could portray the best of stories to everyone. Through this website we want to nurture a collaborative and people-focused culture because we believe that that fuels innovation.
To achieve this purpose we are driven by the very passion , and this constant urge for quality and creativity in making this the best fashion blog for entrepreneurs.

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